And the winner is…..

Jennifer Sinness! You’ve got some Louisiana king cake headed your way! Email us at with your mailing address!!




Laissez les bons temps rouler!! (and our first contest!!)

(in other words….let the good times roll!)

So our daily dolly adventures mostly take place here in my home state – Louisiana! And two of our favorite American Girls happen to be Louisiana girls too….Marie Grace and Cecile!

So a few days ago they got to go on a very fun Louisiana adventure, a Mardi Gras parade! It is Mardi Gras season right now, and the big day also known as Fat Tuesday is coming up in exactly 1 week.

Before the parade, Marie Grace and Cecile worked on some special masks. Masquerade masks and costumes are a very important part of Mardi Gras.

We found a nice spot on the parade route where we could sit in the back of the truck while we waited. We also taught the girls to hold their arms up high if they wanted to catch something!


The king and queen were lovely


Marie Grace jumped up and down and finally got a great prize….a little stuffed crab!



Cecile caught a big bag of candy!


After the parade the girls were excited to get back to all their friends and tell them about the fun they had. But they also wanted to bring them a fun treat, so they picked a Mardi Gras must have – KING CAKE!


Marie Grace “our friends are going to be so excited to see this king cake!”

Cecile “I wonder who will get the baby??”


McKenzie was the first one downstairs.

“It looks so yummy!!!”


Cecile gave McKenzie some beads so they would all be dressed for their Mardi Gras party, and soon Gwen came down and put on her mask.



“Time to eat some cake!!!”


Would you like to have a taste of Mardi Gras to celebrate with your American Girls? Just leave a comment, and tell us what you think the most fun thing is to do at Mardi Gras! You could win your own mini king cake!! A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, and we’ll announce them here on the blog. We’ll also share some photos to help you design your own Mardi Gras masquerade style masks.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even though Charlotte was busy working on Valentine’s Day, there was still a special gift waiting for her!


Jamie spent a long time deciding…the monkey, or roses? He finally decided that even though he would like the monkey more, Charlotte would probably rather the pretty flowers.


And she loved them so much that she gave Jamie a big hug!



 ~♥  Happy Valentine’s Day to all the dolls and dolly lovers!! ♥~

Valentine Sweet Shop

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but luckily Charlotte has a cute bakery and gift shop filled with great Valentine goodies!







There’s lots of candy and sweets.





And stuffed animals and balloons!





There is a mailbox to mail cards to your friends far away!

0536 0537


There have been lots of shoppers!

0426 0432


Emily came in to get her friend Kiki a box of chocolate

0517 0519


But little did she know that Kiki came there to get Emily a box of chocolate too!

0520  0525


So they exchanged gifts and headed towards the park to enjoy them.

0526  0528




And someone has a secret admirer! Check back to see who it is!!!



…….to be continued….







Do you want to build a snowman?

When it started snowing Saige and Gracie wanted to build a snowman. They started by rolling the base, body, and head.

w9206   w9210

Then Mia arrived and wanted to help!


Then it was time to decorate! Gracie found sticks for the arms. Saige put on the eyes, mouth, and nose. She also put her scarf on him.

w9214   w9217

w9216   w9218

Mia put her hat on him, and she and Gracie put on the arms.

w9221    w9222s   w9223

Then the snowman was all done!

w9225    w9231


Welcome to my new blog.  I love to collect American Girl dolls and things for them.  Here I will post all the things my American Girl dolls do from day to day, share craft ideas, and photos of my American Girl house. Make sure to check back in to see the new adventures they go on!